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As a substitute for the more traditional ion-exchange process, EDI brings advances in both energy and operating expenses to the high purity water treatment train. By eliminating the periodic regeneration requirement of ion exchange resin, environmental benefits are also realized by avoiding the handling and processing of acid and caustic chemicals brought to the site.

Some of the advantages of the Electro Deionization (EDI) as opposed to the conventional systems of ionic interchange are:

  • Simple and continuous operation
  • Chemicals for regeneration completely eliminated
  • Cost effective operation and maintenance
  • Low power consumption
  • Non pollution, safety and reliablility
  • It requires very few automatic valves or complex control sequences that need supervision by an operator
  • It requires little space
  • It produces high pure water in a constant flow
  • It provides complete removal of dissolved inorganic particles
  • In combination with reverse osmosis pre-treatment, it removes more than 99.9% of ions from the water



  • EDI cannot be used for water having hardness higher than 1, since the calcium carbonate would create a scab in the camera of the concentrated one, limiting the operation
  • It requires purification pretreatment
  • Carbon Dioxide will freely pass through an RO membrane, dissociating and raising the conductivity of water. Any ionic species formed from the carbon dioxide gas will lower the outlet resistivity of the water produced by EDI. The management of CO2 in water is typically handled in one or two ways: the pH of the water can be adjusted to allow the RO membrane to rejuect the ionic species or the carbon dioxied can be removed from the water using a strip gas.


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