Chlor Alkali Anode & Equipment's f

Dimensionally Stable Anode and Cathode (Titanium, Nickel & Steel)


Importance of Healthy Coatings for Operation

- Anode vs Cathode coating


ØAnodes coating common to all chlorine and chlorate processes.

ØOn titanium metal oxide the SEP could reach as high as 4~5 V.

ØCathode coating relevant to some membrane processes.

ØCathode could become bare Nickel and add 300~400 mV.

ØAnode coating much more critical.

ØIncrease in energy consumption.


Example – 100 mV increase for 150 kA cell means increase in energy consumption ~ 75 units/St chlorine.

Could limit operating rates.

Example – 100 mV increase for cell room with 150 cells means increase in rectifier voltage ~ 15 V.

In extreme case could result in breakdown corrosion with cell voltage approaching 7V.


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