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Platinum is widely used as electrodes in metal finishing industries, having special chemical & physical properties like high corrosion resistance, thermal conductivity and catalytic nature. Being a very expensive metal, instead of using solid form, platinum is deposited on the surface of titanium or niobium, occasionally on molybdenum by micron level layer.


Electrodes [Anodes or Cathodes] are available with hanging hook, frame or band in the form of sheet, mesh, pipe, wire, rod and custom built. Platinised titanium anode is used in electrolytes having no fluoride. Platinised niobium anodes are used in electrolytes having fluoride, where we need better conduction (its conductivity is three times of titanium) and also it is suitable for Sulphuric acid chromium plating bath operated at current density greater than 75A / dm².


Platinised titanium / niobium anodes are having the advantages of Low weight - good current resistance; Long life operation - maintenance free; Economical - due to low platinum requirements; High dimensional stability and low resistance; Highly suitable as auxiliary anodes of complex geometrical shapes. Visit our site to know more about platinized titanium, niobium, tantalum and molybdenum anodes.


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