Chlor Alkali Anode & Equipment's f

Dimensionally Stable Anode and Cathode (Titanium, Nickel & Steel)


Tiaano is expert in refurbishment of Electrolyzers for sodium chlorate plants it has vast experience, proven capabilities and high degree of personalized customer service.

The company’s superior manufacturing is tied to effective collaboration among our team of engineers, skilled manufacturing professionals, quality control engineers and proficient support team forming a genuine partnership with our customers.

Tiaano placing a major role of design, fabricating / customized electrolyzers and Electrode Assemblies to our regular customers over 65 countries.

We have carried out the refurbishment of electrolyzer for sodium chlorate plant. Our QA team will carry out the SEP test on anode fins before & after coating over the anodes fins  to ensure the SEP value

OC 494

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