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Tiaano supplying the Membrane cell technology

Tiaano supplying the Membrane cell technology
Introduction of membrane cell

The process makes use of brine and a membrane cell with positive and negatively charged electrodes. The anode (negative charge) oxidizes the chloride ion, which loses an electron to become free chlorine gas. The hydrogen ions are pulled at the cathode and form hydrogen gas. The semi-permeable membrane of the cell allows for the sodium ions to travel to a second chamber, where they react with water to produce sodium hydroxide.

For the membrane cell Tiaano offers a variety of solutions and services: Maintenance and refurbishment / retrofitting and electrodes reactivation of cell technologies (BM single element and BiTAC). This service is provided directly to the end customer 

Applications of membrane cell

The power requirement is very high in Chlor-Alkali industry. Applications of Membrane cell technology decrease the power consumption over the other two processes. But reduction of power is still a thrust zone of research because Chlor-Alkali Industry is still the largest consumer of power. It is tried to reduce the voltage from the root i.e. one single cell voltage to reduce power requirement in the Electrolysis process.

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